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Stagner/Stogner/Stegner Families in Early America

Describes what is believed to be 5 different families that used the name Stagner, Stegner or Stogner. These were generally men found in easily procured information from ANCESTRY, Family Search, or general library reference material. The families all appeared to come to America in the 1700s. No attempt has been made to review families arriving after 1800. This is provided for general information, disputes okay!

Johann Bernhardt Steigner (BA1?)

Describes what is said to be the early life of the original Stagner immigrant who has been proposed to be the same person John Barnet Stagner (BA1) found in Rowan County, NC from 1753-1777. This is NOT proven.

John Barnet Stagner (BA1) in Rowan County

Describes the early life of John Barnet “Barney” Stagner “BA1” who was found in Rowan County, NC from 1753-1777 and who died near Harrodsburg, KY in 1777. It ties together all known facts and discusses his sons as described in his WILL.

Where did John Barnet (Barney BA1) Stagner come from?

Describes what might be the impact of a 1761 Rowan County tax list entry that shows 3 Stagners: Barnet, George, and Honeul. A topic not addressed by other researchers. This addresses the possibility that John Barnet Stagner and Johann Bernhard Steigner might not be the same person!

Barney’s (BA1) son John (J1)

Describes what is believed to be the known about life and times of John Barnet Stagner’s oldest son John Stagner (J1, J2, J3 or J123). There no direct evidence that ties J1, J2 and J3 together as the same man.

Who is the father of the two John Stagners (J5 & J8-11) born about 1766-1771 in North Carolina?

Describes a situation where two John Stagners, who were born about the same time in North Carolina, seem to to be confused by researchers. Primarily directed at the issue of the father of John Stagner of Stewart and Montgomery County, TN and Trigg and Callaway County, KY who had sons Henry and Talbert.

John Stagner J12/13 (1794-1866) of Dent County, Missouri – Son of George Stagner G2-5

Describes the process undertaken to establish the father of John Stagner (J12/13) of Dent County, who is believed to be George Stagner (G2-5). Also describes the early life of George Stagner to substantiate the claim. This is my belief and looking for negative evidence.

George Stagner’s Children:

Describes what I believe to be the origin of George Stagner and his importance to Stagner genealogy. Also describes who may have been his children, since no document has been found identifying them.

Who were the Henry Stagners in early records?

Discusses the Henry Stagners found in early records and hypothesizes what might be their origin.



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