Stagner Questions

Today I added a page that generally lists some of the questions I have been trying to answer. I will eventually link to other pages where I attempt to answer my questions. Anyone willing to help and volunteer, please jump in! I will provide as much help as is needed.

Stagner Questions

4 thoughts on “Stagner Questions”

  1. Great work! Can you help me find a Doctor Stagner operating around the Civil War and afterwards in Missouri? He was treating a soldier Andrew Hall who passed away. After that, My great grandfather Frank Stagner and his half sister Elizabeth “Betty” Hall Stagner took the Doctor’s name after both of their respective father’s died. I am looking for that Stagner connection if it is at all possible to find. I don’t know if there is a physician listing?


    1. Do you have any idea what counties may have been involved? There were two different families in Missouri at the time. One centered around Dent and the other around Livingston County.


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