Timeline for Barney and George

Timeline showing events in lives of  those mentioned in today’s blog comments on timelines of the Barneys and the Johns and George Stagner. Sorry its a little fuzzy, but its the best I do given the source and destination. I believe it supports my statements.tl1



2 thoughts on “Timeline for Barney and George”

  1. I am so sorry for you loss! My husband of 32 years passed away 9 years ago, and it took me 3 years to get on with life. I would love to do whatever I need to add to this site. I have the Ancestry DNA test, but I am female. I did get my dad the test, but again it is Ancestry DNA. What else should I do? And how could I link this information to your blog to my family tree for reference for my family (in case anything happens to me)?


    1. Thanks Deborah. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to do much on this site lately. Not even sure what will happen to it after I pass, but I certainly want to keep the information out there somehow. I have been thinking about it lately, but not come to any conclusions.

      Looking back over our previous conversations, it looks like you are related to the John Stagner from Montgomery County, TN and Trigg and Calloway, KY. I address this guy, but cannot trace him to a father. I think it may be a Henry Stagner, but that is just an educated guess. Have you had any significant cousins links that might help? Would allow me to see your Ancestry DNA results? I think I know of some other who might be descended from the same John, so maybe we can identify them? Can I see your ancestry tree also?

      I would love to have help trying to sort out this John Stagner!

      What part of the country do you live in? What is your age? I live in SC and am 77, so like all of us, my days are numbered, but don’t expect to drop this.

      I met a nice lady locally and we are planning to live, maybe marry, depending, and once we get settled down in a place of ours, I plan to get back to this.


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