YDNA and Stagners

YDNA testers are needed so I am writing this as a plea to anyone who sees this and is a Stagner male descendant carrying the STAGNER name or may know a Stagner male descendant of:

  • Barnet Stagner and his sons Richmond, John, Barney Thomas or Barney Coulter originally from Madison County, KY.
  • Nathan Stagner originally from Stewart and Benton County, TN.
  • Barnabus Stagner originally from Stewart County, TN and vicinity.
  • William Stagner and his son Gibson originally from Warren County, KY and Crawford County, AR.
  • John8-11 Stagner and his sons Henry and John40 originally from Trigg County, KY and vicinity.
  • Daniel Stagner and his son William originally from Lexington County, SC

As I have mentioned elsewhere there is no solid evidence of the descendancy of the sons of old Barney Stagner. His will lists him with two sons John123 (123 added to distinguish him from other Johns) and Barnet.

So far 5 Stagner men have submitted their DNA for YDNA analysis, but this is not enough to prove descendancy. Testing so far tends to prove some of the descendancy through John123 and his sons John5 and George2, but it is strongly desired to obtain evidence from other descendants of John123, specifically William, Nathan and Barnabus. 

Testing a descendant of Barnet can help to prove that the descendants of Barnet and John123 are in fact descendants of old Barney.

John8-11 Stagner (and his sons Henry and John40) are from unknown source. It is hoped that DNA testing can give some hint as to their descendancy.

Daniel and his son William are likely from a different Stagner branch and DNA testing of a descendant can help to clarify that. There is a possibility that Daniel and John8-11 could be closely related.

The current cost for doing a YDNA test at Family Tree DNA is Y37=$119 and Y111=$249. The preferred test is Y111 because many more DNA markers are available for comparison. The website for ordering is: https://www.familytreedna.com/.

So if you are a Stagner male or know a Stagner male of any of the above lines and are curious about confirming your lineage, please consider doing a YDNA test! There may be financial help available to do the test, if you would like to do it, but can’t afford it, please contact me using the contact link.

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