John C Stagner

I often get questions about John C Stagner who died in Pike County, AL in 1879, born in SC in 1795. The main question being who was his father. There has not been any direct evidence found mentioning John in a Stagner family at a young age. However, indirect evidence directly points to the father of John C Stagner as William Stagner of Lexington County, SC. The 1800 census for William Stagner (looks like and indexed as Hagner) lists 3 males under 10. One of these males is likely John C. The other are likely brothers William Stagner and Daniel Stagner. There is no 1810 census for William Stagner, but there is for “Widaw” Stagner, indicating that William passed before 1810. The 1810 census shows a 16-25 year old male that could have been John C, but at 15 without a father, who knows where he was at the time of census. This Widow Stagner disappeared from records after 1810, so presumably she died or remarried.

I am not sure what happened to John C’s possible brother William, but I believe that he died after 1820 as he was shown in Lexington County, SC 1820 census. A Rachael Stagner was found in 1830 in Jasper County, GA and latter in Tallapoosa County, AL. Rachael is believed to have been the spouse of William. This all indicates a trend of this Stagner family moving west.

Additional support is that another possible brother Daniel Stagner was found in Jasper County, GA in 1820 census.

So beginning around 1810 to 1820 the Stagners of Lexington County were moving West. None were found in any census records in South Carolina after 1820.

The only other Stagner in SC at this time was Henry Stagner, 1800 census in Greenville County. He was older and there were no young males in census. This Henry was found in Buncombe County, NC in 1810. Although they may have been related, there is not proof, but John C most certainly was not a son on Henry. Curiously there was a John Stagner who enlisted in the Army in 1814 in Greenville, SC. This might have been John C, it would not have been that far from Lexington to Greenville.

More detail can be found in the section on Daniel Stagner and his family. Daniel Stagner

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  1. Thank you so much. I do know for a fact that John C was in the War of 1812 because I have proven that to get into the War of 1812 Society.  I have went to your website and explored it. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put in to it.  Susan 

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