George Stagner and Family

Today I published my evaluation of George Stagner and who I believe were his off -spring. I believe George Stagner was a son of John Stagner, oldest son of old Barney Stagner (typically referenced as John Barnet or Barnet Stagner in old records), and not a son of Barney Stagner’s youngest son Barnet!

Just to clarify I assigned each an ID that I use to clarify who I am talking about:

BA1 = John Barnet Stagner aka Barnet Stagner aka Barney Stagner (abt1714 – 1777) married to Elizabeth “last name not confirmed”

BA2 = Barnet Stagner (1756 – 1821), married to Sarah Prather

J1 = John Stagner (never found a John B. Stagner reference) (abt 1740 – abt 1820) ,married to “not sure” as said to be Fannie Hendricks, but no proof.

J123 = same guy at J1 except includes possible time in Tennessee and Kentucky (abt 1740 -abt 1820)

G2-5 George Stagner, son of J1 (abt 1767 – abt 1836), married to Catherine Hendricks

J12/13 John Stagner, son of G2-5 (1794 – 1866), married to Ann Hendricks

Some of this may be controversial, especially because so many family trees do not have John and Ann Stagner of Dent County, MO as a son of George. I have tried to present my reasoning and present facts why I believe this is true. Additionally, in none of the research I have done have I ever seen this man referred to as John Barnet Stagner, only John Stagner and in one instance Parson John Stagner.

I will gladly entertain any input from others who can prove otherwise, but I believe the evidence is there and the facts point in that direction. Many have John (and Ann) as a son of  James Barney Stagner, but I believe it can be readily shown this cannot be true. I will also point out here that not once in my research have I come across the name James Barnet Stagner in old records. This youngest son of Barney is referred to as Barnet in old Barney’s WILL and in other records that follow. I am not sure where the James came from, but if anyone has such knowledge, please share.

My hope here is that others will review what I have done and either agree or disagree as appropriate and correct their on-line family trees after verifying my conclusions. This may lead to more family circles and better match data on Ancestry and other DNA sites.

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George Stagner’s Children:

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Also note that I make use of the IDs that I have assigned to different individuals in different places, such as BA1 and J1. These were randomly assigned by me as I did my research and no attempt has been made to revise them to make more consistent. The IDs were just used in too many places. The tab “Index for Stagner Names & ID” lists all these IDs and associated names in alphabetical order by ID. Also shown are state and counties where these men were found.

Addition of Index

A page was added showing the Index ID of each of the Stagners/Stegners/Stogners that I have identified. It was necessary to assign each a different ID because of the common use of names such as John, Henry, William, Barney, James, etc. This aids in any discussion. These IDs are generally random and assigned as found.  Some may be inconsistent in prefix, but there may have been a reason at time. I have not attempted to correct this due to the confusion it might lead to.

There is generally a separate ID for each Stagner in each location. For example J1 in Rowan County, J2 in Sumner County, J3 in Warren County could all end up being the same person. Combined this would be J123.

In some instances the location of the individual was so obviously the same person that he was given an ID such as J8-11, meaning he was found in four different location as J8, J9, J10 and J11.