Discussion Topics

The organization of the website is generally complete. Discussion Topics will be shown under the Discussion Topics page with blog general comments on the home page.

Also note that I make use of the IDs that I have assigned to different individuals in different places, such as BA1 and J1. These were randomly assigned by me as I did my research and no attempt has been made to revise them to make more consistent. The IDs were just used in too many places. The tab “Index for Stagner Names & ID” lists all these IDs and associated names in alphabetical order by ID. Also shown are state and counties where these men were found.

Addition of Index

A page was added showing the Index ID of each of the Stagners/Stegners/Stogners that I have identified. It was necessary to assign each a different ID because of the common use of names such as John, Henry, William, Barney, James, etc. This aids in any discussion. These IDs are generally random and assigned as found.  Some may be inconsistent in prefix, but there may have been a reason at time. I have not attempted to correct this due to the confusion it might lead to.

There is generally a separate ID for each Stagner in each location. For example J1 in Rowan County, J2 in Sumner County, J3 in Warren County could all end up being the same person. Combined this would be J123.

In some instances the location of the individual was so obviously the same person that he was given an ID such as J8-11, meaning he was found in four different location as J8, J9, J10 and J11.