I started this blog because I have been doing Stagner family research for the last five+ years and have seen much discrepant information on family trees posted on various family tree websites. I believe that many of these discrepancies are from copying data and not confirming the information. I make no claim to being a Stagner Expert. I am just trying to obtain clarity where I see discrepancies. I understand that the study of your genealogical past is time consuming and not everyone can or wants to spend the time or money that I have in doing this analysis. It has given this retired person a passion, finally!

I began by trying to understand the origin of my Stagner family, which I believe to be from the immigrant Johann Bernhard Steigner who immigrated from the German Palatinate in 1737. In studying this man, who apparently migrated to Rowan County, NC by 1753, and studying his descendants or possible descendants, it has become clear that there are questions along the way that do not have a clear resolution. This is due to lack of good recorded data.

In the last 5 years I have visited many libraries, locations, and spent hours on-line trying to collect data and interpret the data through a series of “white papers” written to myself. These describe my research and how I interpreted the results. I have not had the opportunity to discuss these with too many interested individuals, except by some contact via email and forums, such as ANCESTRY.COM. I have occasionally shared them. Continue reading “Introduction”